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International Awareness Day 2020

Today, OMF is continuing our momentum as we honor International Awareness Day for ME / CFS & FM. We have invited our Social Media Coordinator, Rebecca Handler, to share, in her own words and images, why today means so much to all of us:
Today, May 12th, 2020, marks International Awareness Day for Myalgic Encephalomyelitis / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME / CFS) and Fibromyalgia (FM).
OMF stands in solidarity with all those touched by both ME / CFS and FM. We are constantly inspired by the strength and resilience of our incredible OMF community.
Recently, we invited our community to share pictures of their lives before ME / CFS to be featured as part of our #FlashbackFridayOMF series.
The goal of #FlashbackFriday is to highlight just how much people with ME / CFS lose to this devastating illness and to demonstrate the importance of funding critical research so patients can return to their healthy lives.
People from all over the world participated, submitting snapshots of their once incredibly vibrant lives: There were photos shared of climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro, dog sledding in Norway, and watching the sunrise over Victoria Falls. There were stories told of training at a kung fu academy, attending medical school to become a naturopath, and going on excavations while studying Egyptian Archaeology.
Some of these images have been compiled into a moving video, attached below…
What all of these individuals now have in common, is shared heartbreak and grief for the adventures, careers, passions, and lives that have been lost since their onset of ME / CFS.
Now some can no longer walk to the mailbox, let alone climb a mountain. The tragic reality is that many lives have shrunk into just one room; Homebound or bedbound for years on end, they are forced to live within the confines of a cruel illness that robs individuals of their vitality.
Today, and every day, we hold these patients and their families close to our hearts as we remain committed to free our community from the cruel restraints of this disease, and to shield the millions more who could have it someday.
Ultimately, we envision a world that is free from ME / CFS, so that sufferers everywhere can return to their vitality.
We have tremendous hope for the future of people with ME / CFS. We invite you to share this hope with us, as we stand together unabated, and continue working towards our goal of treatments or a cure.
YOU are the Motivation behind our Momentum.
With HOPE for all,

Rebecca Handler
OMF Social Media Coordinator

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May 12th is ME / CFS International Awareness Day


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